About Us

Perin7 Solutions WLL is a unique communications and security consultancy, offering a wide range of services including Risk Assessment for properties and projects, Security and Communications Systems design, Tactical Communications advice and Cyber Intelligence.

We undertake project specification underwriting, tender documentation and project management services.

Perin7 Solutions also provide market development strategy for new and unique products in the fields of security, safety and communication that could enhance a solution or empower the upholders of the law.

We offer our expertise on security and communication solutions for a wide customer base including Industrial, Commercial, Residential establishments, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and Defence.

The team comprises of professionals who have over 20 years of security and communications related experience either in consulting, training or implementation in Government and private sectors.

We cover Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey and other countries in the region.